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NOKAK sewage treatment or NOKAK waste water treatment or NOKAK effluent treatment is one of the products that ozone services industries provides in turnkey containerized solutions to the African continent as well as domestic waste water treatment or sewage treatment or sewage water treatment effluent water treatment for house holds all over South Africa. Also with a wide range of ozone solutions and ultra violet systems for commercial, industrial, and domestic markets in water purification, air purification, sewage treatment, effluent recycling in Southern and Central Africa. Also OSI supplies a range of ozone solutions for use in the Health and Wellness markets. Based in Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa, OSI has the capability to design and manufacture, service, repair and maintain a large variety of ozone generating (providing customized ozone solutions) and ultraviolet equipment, including custom designed and OEM products, catering for water purification, air purification, sewage treatment, Ozone, sometimes called “Natures Miracle Purifier”, has been successfully used for water purification throughout the world since the early 20th century. as in air purification where ozone is a magnificent deodorizer and sanitizer. Also in the Health and Wellness sector where ozone is used in ozone therapy treatments and for general wellness in a variety of ways. Ozone Services Industries now offers ozone solutions for Aquazone water purification and treatment in industrial, commercial and domestic sectors where not only can water be treated with ozone to remove contaminants, bottling plants for rinsing of bottles. Air purification, ozone is a very effective deodorizer, especially in areas such as smoking or garbage areas. Airzone ozone solutions can also be used in air treatment to purify the air or surfaces in situations such as air conditioning ducts and in semi or non-occupied areas. To compliment ozone solutions, OSI also offers a large range of ultraviolet products which are also well known in water and air purification industries. Turnkey solutions can be designed to suit a customer needs in water purification for example whereby other complimentary technologies such as filtration, reverse osmosis, bioreactors, water softeners etc. can be designed in to the system. Of particular success for OSI has been the Biozone NOKAK sewage treatment systems using bioreactors with submerged media as the treatment process and with ozone for final disinfection to provide a completely natural and safe, pollution free way of treating sewerage and allowing for recycling of the sewage water through irrigation or back in to dams.

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